Accepting User Invitation

Once you have added a new user, s/he will receive an invitation email to join your account.




If the user you have invited is new to SlickPie and does not have an account, he has to Sign Up. If he has an existing SlickPie account, he just needs to Log In.




Once logged in, the user will see the company name you have invited from on the company list. He has to click Accept.




Once accepted, the user will get a success message.




Once accepted successfully, he has to click company's name to be able to access the account.




The user then will be directed to company's dashboard and from there he will be able to use the account as needed.




Please note accessibility to company account depends upon the status. A Standard user has read-only accessibility, that is he cannot add or edit anything. While an Advisor has full access to the company's account and he can add or edit anything just like yourself (as an account holder).



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