Reasons for the difference in bank and SlickPie balance

There are several reasons that the balance in SlickPie could vary from the actual bank balance.


Opening Balance

If you are new to SlickPie, make sure the Opening Balance is entered correctly. We always recommend checking with your accountant before making any entries. For more information, please visit Create an Opening Balance.



Outstanding Checks

You might have entered a check payment in SlickPie which is not cleared in the bank yet. If it hasn't been cleared yet then you will not be able to see it in bank statement either. Thus there will be a difference in Bank and SlickPie balances.


New Transactions

There could be transactions that are visible in the bank statement but have not been entered in SlickPie yet or vice versa. You can find, add and reconcile such transactions during Bank Reconciliation.



Duplicate transactions

You might have entered a transaction twice in SlickPie in error. You can see the duplicate transactions either during Bank Reconciliation or in Reconciliation Report.



Deleted/ Voided transactions

You might have deleted a transaction in SlickPie but it is still showing up in bank transactions list or vice versa.



Edited transactions

You might have edited a transaction in SlickPie but is hasn't reflected in bank statement yet. You have to search for a transaction with name/ amount/ date. Reconciliation Report would be better option to find such transactions.



Missed a Deposit

You might have missed entering a deposit made to an account in SlickPie. You can verify it through the Bank Statement or while doing Bank Reconciliation.



Missed a Withdrawal

You could have forgotten to enter a withdrawal from an account in SlickPie. Check Record Expenses to find one. You can also search for the transaction or add one during Bank Reconciliation.



Missed a Transfer

Check Transfer Funds if you have somehow missed adding the funds transferred from one account to another. You can also search for the transfer or add one during Bank Reconciliation.



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