If your company deals in more than one currency, like CAD, USD or EUR, you can use the Multi-currency feature in SlickPie. This feature allows you to:

  • Raise an invoice
  • Add a bill
  • Add Reimbursable Expense
  • Create a Debit/ Credit Memo
  • Create a Quotation
  • Record Income/ Expenses



Enabling Multi-currency

To use multi-currency, you will need to enable it from the company setting screen.


1. Go to Company and click Multi-Currency.





2. Click Enable Multiple Currencies.


3. Select the currency and click Add.





Please note You can add multiple currencies but you cannot change the default or base currency of the company as initially selected and saved when the company information was added.




Creating a Transaction

Once the multi-currency is enabled for the company, you will be able to select the currency while creating an invoice, bill or any other transaction. You can enter the exchange rate up to 6 decimal points.





The amount as in subtotal, tax, discount, total and payments will be calculated based on the applied currency for the transaction.






Recording a Payment

Payment can be recorded the same way as for any regular transaction except that you have to add the exchange rate as when the payment is received.






Please note

  • Multi-currency is not available for Chart of Accounts (COA) and Bank Accounts yet. You can add Banks or Chart of Accounts in base currency only.


  • Transactions can be created in any currency but the journal entry is created in the base currency only using the currency exchange rate provided when that particular transaction is created. This allows you to view all the reports only in the base currency of the company.


  • If there is any difference in the exchange rate when the transaction is created and the payment is received, the difference is added to “Realized Currency Gain/Loss” chart of account.



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