Create a Quotation

In SlickPie, you can create quotations too. Once a quotation is approved, you will be able to convert it to invoice too. From Quotation to Invoice involves 3 steps:

  1. Creating a Quotation
  2. Accepting a Quotation
  3. Converting Quotation to Invoice



Creating a Quotation


1. Go to Transactions and click Others.





2. Click Quotations.





3. Click Add New Quotation.





4. Select a Customer Name. If a name is not in the list, click Add New in the dropdown.


5. Add Quotation Number.


6. Select the Date initiating the quote.


7. Select the Expiry Date. Expiry Date is the one till the quotation is valid for.


8. Enter the Project Name, Reference, and Summary, if any.

Please note These fields are optional.


9. Enter all the Quotation Details.


10. Click Save & Send, Save or Draft.





Sending the quotation to your customer

Once you have sent the quotation, your customer will receive an email with a link where s/he can review it and take the necessary step. Your customer is able to Accept/ Reject/ Comment on the quotation received. Whatever option your customer chooses, it will update the status in your account.



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