Add a Manual Voucher

Manual Voucher, also known as Journal Voucher, is mainly for bookkeepers or accountants or anybody who has some good understanding of the basic concepts of Debit and Credit. If you are not either a bookkeeper or an accountant, we would recommend you to discuss with either of the two before making any entries in Manual Journal.



1. Go to Transactions and click Others.





2. Click Manual Voucher.





3. Click Add New.





4. Add a Reference. Reference is something related to the reason or purpose of the voucher.


5. Select the Date.


6. Select the Chart of Account in both lines to add the numbers as Debit or Credit. Remember, where one COA will be debited, another will be credited.

Please note Total of Debit should be equal to Total of Credit.


7. Click Save as Draft, if needs to be reviewed or Post, if it's final.





Please note If you would like to have Reference text added to Description, Click Default Reference. This will add the text to the Description field with the option to edit if you need to.






For Instance, Paula Walker invested $10,000.00 in her business, Paula's Pies. This is how she will make the entry in Manual Voucher.






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