Tracking the inventory manually

In SlickPie, for any product or service that you purchase and sell, you have to enter it manually.


Let's say, Paula's Pies purchased water bottles for $500.00 and had a total sale of $50.00. To record the purchase and sale of water bottles, first she will have to:


1. Add the inventory which needs to be tracked, Water Bottles in this particular case.


2. Add two chart of accounts:

         a. Inventory as a Current Asset.



         b. Cost of Goods Sold as Direct Cost Expense.




Once she has taken the above two steps, she is ready to record the purchase and sale of the inventory to be able to track it. She will take the following steps:




Please note Use particular contact name when recording purchase/ sale. If you do not want to track the transactions, you can add 'Daily Sales' as a contact and use that instead.



Record the purchase of the inventory


1. Add a new inventory and select COA Inventory under Purchase Account. Make sure to select 'Both' under Type as you will be entering the sale of this product too.





2. Create a Bill or Record Expense to enter the purchase of inventory.






Record the Sale of inventory

At the end of the day, Paula will record $50.00 as the sale of water bottles.


1. Go to Inventory.





2. Select the inventory sold, that is water bottles.


3. Enter the Sales Price and select Income as Sales Account.


4. Click Update.





5. Create an Invoice or Record Income to enter the sale of Inventory.


6. Select the inventory, Water Bottles, as the product sold.


7. Click on Save/ Approve.






Create a Journal Voucher

Now Paula has to create a Manual Voucher to decrease the amount of inventory sold, that is $50.00.





Now you can check the remaining amount of inventory on the Balance Sheet.






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