Linking multiple accounts within same bank

If your bank is on the list, you are able to link the sub-accounts and get the bank feeds for all of them as well. To link the different accounts accurately, please follow the steps as mentioned below:


1. Add each bank account distinctively under Account Name. For example with an account number or specifying the kind of account it is.


2. Click Link Bank to connect your bank account.


3. Once logged in successfully, you will see the list of all the sub-accounts while linking.





4. Click All Done.





5. Once it's successfully connected, you will see the Get Feeds button for that particular linked account.




Please note as soon as a particular sub-account is linked, it will disappear from the list till it's unlinked again. An unlinked account will always have a 'Link Bank' button. This way you will be able to connect the right account and also download the transactions as needed.


6. Now choose the other Bank Account to be linked and click Link Bank. Remember, only the accounts not linked will be on the list.


7. Select the account to be linked and click Submit.





You can link the same account in different companies too.



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