Add a New Invoice

Any sale that occurred in the operations of your business can be entered as an Invoice. Invoicing your customer involves few easy steps. You can create a new invoice either by going to:


1. Transactions and click Invoices.




2. Then click Add New.






Go to Quick Add Menu and click Sales Invoice.




Rest of the steps are same to create a new invoice.


1. Select Customer Name.


2. Invoice Number is auto generated as set in Company Settings. You can change the invoice number if need be.


3. Date is the date Invoice is created which is set to current date by default with the option to change it by clicking the Calendar icon.


4. Due Date is set for the same date as Invoice Date by the system. You can manually change the Due Date by clicking the calendar icon or can be set by going to Default Settings under Company.


5. Theme ID is the invoice format/ design. It is set to Basic Invoice in the system. If you have more than styles of Invoice Format, you can change it here.


6. Tax section gives you the option to display tax on the invoice, Exclusive, Inclusive or Tax Exempt.


7. Enter details of the products/ services under Invoice Details. Enter the details in Product/ Service, Description, Qty/ Hrs, Price/ Rate, Discount (if any), Account and Tax.


Please note Discount can be offered for a particular item alone (in percent only) in line item or on the invoice total (both in percent or amount).



Please note 

  • If you have already created an inventory list, selecting the product from the list will feed the information as in the list. If not, you can edit or add the required details as per need.
  • If you are missing something or has to add a new product or any of the details including Account & Tax, you can create one by clicking Add New option in the drop down menu.
  • All the fields are editable.


8. Once all the information is filled in, you can save the invoice with the different options available.

  • Draft - Saves the invoices as a draft that can be reviewed/ edited before sending it out to your customer.
  • Draft & Add New - This feature is great for creating multiple invoices at a time that saves your time.
  • Approve - Saves the invoice but is not emailed to the customer. Approved invoice is editable.
  • Approve & Send - Saves the invoice and emails it to the customer.


Please note You can add more than 1 email address when sending an invoice. Simply add multiple email addresses using semicolon without any space between the email addresses.






Additional Features



You can attach multiple documents with your invoice. Simply click the attachment icon and add the saved documents from the source. You can add the following file types: DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PDF, JPG, JPEG, PNG and GIF.


Repeating Invoice

Selecting this feature will enable you to add an invoice that is created and emailed to your customer automatically in chosen scenario. For more details and how to create one, visit Create a Repeating Invoice.


Online Payment

Selecting this feature will enable your customer to pay directly through invoice. To learn more about how this feature works, visit Enable Online Payment.




Printing an invoice

To print an invoice, you have to download the invoice that needs to be printed. Select the invoice, click Download and save or print, as needed.




Deleting an invoice

Only a drafted invoice (Draft status) can be permanently deleted from SlickPie. Once an invoice is approved, it can not be deleted but only voided.




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