Create a Repeating Invoice

If you have a regular customer with regular purchase, you do not have to create an invoice each time. Simply set up a Repeating Invoice that goes out automatically saving you time.


1. Go to Transactions and click Invoices.





2. Click Add New.




3. Check Repeating check box.


4. A new panel, Repeating Invoice, will appear. This will have the options of how often and when you want the system to create an invoice. Enter the following information:

  • Customer Name
  • Theme ID
  • Create Every (Weekly/ Monthly)
  • Start (Date invoice start repeating)
  • End (Date invoice should stop repeating)
  • Due Every (Due date for the invoice created)


5. Enter Invoice Details.


6. Click Approve.


Please note

  • End Date is optional and select one if there's a specific date you want Repeating Invoice feature to stop. If there's no end date, leave it blank.
  • Once approved, Repeat feature will be in effect and an invoice will be created as per Start Date.
  • If Start Date is chosen from the previous date then when created, transactions (invoices) will be created automatically for the past dates.





Please note

  • Repeated Invoice will have a new invoice number each time and is auto-generated.
  • Once the Repeat Invoice is approved, you cannot make any changes to it. We recommend you to confirm the information entered before you approve it or save it as a Draft before finalizing it.
  • If any changes needed to be implemented, you have to delete the Repeat Template created and make a new one.
  • Invoices created as Repeating Invoices are listed under Repeating Templates. Regular invoices and the invoices created from repeat feature are listed under Invoices.




Send Email

Invoices will automatically be emailed only if Send Email is selected. If it is not selected, the invoices will be created through Repeat Template feature but will not go out to your customer.





Deleting a Repeated Template

Only a drafted template (Draft status) can be permanently deleted from SlickPie. Once a Repeat Template is approved, it can only be voided but cannot be deleted.



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