Create a Debit Memo

If you have received a credit from a Vendor, you can record it as a Debit Memo which can be used against a bill payment.


1. Go to Transactions and click Others.





2. Click Debit Memo.




3. Click Add New.




4. Select Vendor Name.

Please note If you do not have a vendor in the list and need to create one, click Add New in the drop down section.


5. Enter Debit Memo Number if there's any.


6. Select the Date.


7. Enter Reference, if any.


8. Enter the details in Memo Details.


9. Click Draft or Approve as needed.


Please note You can add an attachment, original bill, for reference.



Please note

  • Only an Approved Debit Memo can be used against bill payment.
  • You can create a new Debit Memo from Quick Add New Menu in the top right corner.





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