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There are two ways to add contacts to your SlickPie account:

  1. Importing the contact list
  2. Manually entering the contacts


Import Contacts

If you already have a contact list, you can download the list in SlickPie. All you need is Windows Comma Separated (CSV) file. Although it's good to input all the information about your contacts but to import the list from CSV file, the minimum required fields are:

  1. Contact Type
  2. Contact Name
  3. Email Address

Please note Import feature is available only for Customers and Vendors.


1. Click People.


2. Depending on Contact Type you are importing, select Customers or Vendors or you can select All Contacts.





3. Once you select the Type, click Import.




4. On the Upload File page, select the file to be downloaded. You can check the Sample File before importing to make sure the CSV file you have is correct and not missing anything important.

Please note You have to match the headers in CSV file to be able to import the files successfully into SlickPie. Files can't be imported till the headers are matched as shown in the sample file.




5. Once the file is selected, click Next.




6. Next Match the Headers of your file with the ones in SlickPie.


7. Once the headers are matched, click Next.




8. Once the headers are matched, click Import.

Please note You can add or edit any changes to the contact list in this section.





9. Once the list is imported successfully, you will see the success message and will be directed to the contact list.






Manually Creating Contact List

To create the list manually, follow the steps as mentioned below:


1. Go to People and select the Contact Type.




2. Click Add New.




3. Once the new page opens up, click Contact Type. Here you have 3 options to choose from: Customers, Vendors & Employees. Choose the one you want to save the contact as.




4. Enter the details of your contact in:

  • Basic Information: Type, Business Name, and Email Address are mandatory fields.


  • Address: All fields are optional.


  • Contact Details: All fields are optional.


  • Tax: All fields are optional.


  • Default Settings: This feature is available to set up an invoice due date for your customer or bill due date for a vendor.





5.  Once the information is in, Click Save.



Please note

  • If a particular contact is not in your list while creating a new transaction, you can add a contact on the fly. Simply type the name in the field and it will be added to the contacts list. You can edit the details later.
  • All People shows the complete list of all your customers and vendors only.
  • You can edit any information about any contact at any time.
  • You can customize Invoice Design as per Customer.
  • Email is mandatory but if you do not have an email for your contact, add any dummy email address.



Editing a Contact


1. Click the name of the contact you want to edit.


2. Click Edit.




3. Make the changes and click Update.




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