Copying an Invoice

If you have to create the same invoice for a customer with no or minor changes, you can use the Copy feature in SlickPie. Simply copy the existing invoice and create a new one.


1. Go to Transactions and click Invoices.




2. Select the invoice number you would like to copy.


3. Click Copy.




4. A new invoice is created. Make any changes if needed.


5. Save it as a Draft or Approve & Send it your customer.




Please note

  • The invoice number is auto generated with the option to change it.
  • New invoice is a copy so you can make any changes you need here before approving it.
  • If this is going to be your regular invoice for the customer, you can mark it as Repeating Invoice. Learn more how to Create a Repeating Invoice.



  • You can accept payment online through PayPal by selecting Enable Online Payment. Learn more how it works, check Enabling Online Payment.




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