Add a New Bill

To create a new bill either go to:


1. Transactions and click Bills.






2. Then click Add New.






Go to Quick Add Menu and click Bills.





Rest of the steps are same to create a new bill.


1. Select the Vendor Name or Add New if you do not have the name on the list.




2. Bill Number is optional. You can leave it open or fill it up to keep track of bills paid.


3. Enter Billing Date as on the bill you received.


4. Select the Due Date as shown on the received bill.


5. Under Bill Details, select the Product/ Service or Add New if you need to add a new inventory.


6. Enter Quantity/ Hours.


7. Enter Discount (only percentage) if applicable.


8. Select the Account.


9. Select the Tax.


10. Click Draft or Approve.




Please note

  • Bill Number is optional. It would be a good idea to enter one to help you to keep track of the payments made or any dues coming up.+
  • All the fields are editable when creating a new bill. You can make any changes as per need.
  • You can use Add New feature for Vendor Name, Product/ Service, Account, and Tax if you are missing it or haven't added yet.



Deleting a bill

Only a drafted bill (bill in a Draft status) can be permanently deleted from SlickPie. Once a bill is approved, it can only be voided but not deleted.



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