Use Debit Memo against a Bill

1. Go to Transactions and click Bills.





2. Select the Bill you are using the Debit Memo against.


3. On the selected bill detail page, it shows the total amount of the memo for that particular vendor as Available Credit.


4. Click Credit Adjustment to use the credit.

Please note, if you have credit available from the same vendor at different times and different amounts, clicking Adjust will give you the complete details. You can choose the one you want to use.


5. Adjustment Date is set to the current date by default which can be changed.


6. Available Amount is filled with the available credit.


7. If it's a different amount than the available credit, you can enter it in Amount to Adjust.


8. Enter Reference, if any.


9. Click Done.




Please note

  • Available Credit will show the total amount as available from a particular vendor.
  • If you have multiple credits available from the same vendor, you will see the detail list of available credit.
  • Once credit is used, it will update the amount of Available Credit.



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