Conventions Used in SlickPie

There are a few conventions used throughout the app so that you can work smoothly and efficiently. We have put them together here for easy understanding and better use.


Colored Fields

You will notice the fields are color coded. There are 3 different colors used throughout the app.

  • Yellow colored fields are mandatory to be filled out and cannot be left blank.
  • Clear fields are optional. You can skip it or fill it as per your choice.
  • Grey colored fields cannot be edited once saved.




User Settings


The Profile gives an overview of your SlickPie account.

Change Password lets you change your password in one click.

Log out of your account here.






Question Mark icon takes you to support section of SlickPie.





Bell icon is for any updates or alerts coming from SlickPie. This feature is currently under development. Once active, the red number will denote the count of new notifications.



Add New


Add New is a quick action button to create a new transaction, account, an inventory or a journal voucher.






The Gear icon displays the list of companies added to a particular account. More features coming soon



Display Name

Display Name will be the name as it will appear under Companies List.



Legal Name

Legal Name is your company's name as being registered and is used to file taxes.




Import icon lets you import a CSV file. This option is available only for Customer, Vendors, and Chart of Accounts.





Magnifying Glass is an autocomplete field where you can either select from a predefined list or enter the information manually.





Calendar icon lets you select the date or you can enter the date manually.




Reset button refreshes and resets a particular data.



Payment Detail


Payment Detail icon ('+' sign) gives the details of any payment made against an Invoice, Bill or a Reimbursable Expense.




Attachment icon lets you attach a file with an entry.




Lock icon represents a particular entry cannot be deleted from the system.




Refine icon lets you organize a particular list/ data in a specific way.





You have any suggestion or a complaint, Feedback button is available throughout the app in the right bottom corner of the page. Click and send us your thoughts.



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