Adding Chart of Accounts (COA)

Chart of Accounts is a list of accounts that is usually used to organize the finances and segregate the income and expenses. Following 14 Account Types are available in SlickPie and you can organize or create your company's chart of accounts according to them.


  1. Assets - Current, Fixed, Non-Current and Prepayment
  2. Liabilities - Current and Non-Current
  3. Expenses - Depreciation, Direct Cost, Expense and Overhead
  4. Equity - Equity
  5. Revenue - Other Income, Revenue, and Sale


You have two ways to add a chart of accounts:

  1. Importing Chart of Accounts
  2. Manually Creating Chart of Accounts



Importing Chart of Accounts (COA)

If you are moving your company from another accounting software to SlickPie and would like to use the existing Chart of Accounts, you can do so by importing the excel sheet in SlickPie.


1. Go to Accounts and click Chart of Accounts.




2. System Accounts are available to you by default and can neither be edited or deleted.





3. To add Chart of Accounts from an existing list, click Import.




4. On Upload File page, choose the file to be downloaded. You can view the Sample File to make sure you are downloading the sheet correctly. To download COA file, following are the required fields in CSV format (Windows Comma Separated):

  • Account Type
  • Account Code
  • Account Name

Please note If you are on Mac and using Excel, edit your CSV to Windows Comma Separated (.csv) option.


5. Click Upload Your File.




6. Next Match the Headers of your file with the ones in SlickPie.

Please note You have to match the headers in CSV file to be able to import the chart of accounts successfully into SlickPie. Files can't be imported till the headers are matched as shown in the sample file.


7. Once the headers are matched, click Next.




8. Once the headers are matched, click Import.

Please note You can add or edit any changes in this section.







 9. Once imported successfully, you will see the success message and will be directed to the Chart of Accounts list.




Please note

  • There's list of SlickPie Default Accounts in case you need to add some to your existing list.
  • System Accounts cannot be deleted.
  • All Chart of Accounts can be edited.
  • Once a Chart of Account is used in a transaction, it cannot be deleted.




Manually Creating Chart of Accounts (COA)

If you are a brand new business or SlickPie is the first software ever used and you have no existing Chart of Accounts (COA), you can create them manually as per your business needs.


Please note SlickPie offers a list of Default Accounts that can be added to your Company Accounts. You can select the ones you need from these Default Accounts or create them manually.



Option 1: SlickPie Default Accounts


1. Go to Accounts and click Chart of Accounts.




2. Click SlickPie Default Accounts.





3. Select the accounts you want to add to your Company Accounts and click Move to Company Accounts.




4. Once you click Move to Company Accounts, it will be moved to Company Accounts and you can see it on the list.






Option 2: Adding New Chart of Accounts manually


1. Go to Accounts and click Chart of Accounts.


2. Click Add New.




3. Select the Account Type


4. Account Code is auto generated with the option to change it.


5. Input the Account Name.


6. Select the Tax.


7. Enter a Description, if any.


8. Click Save or Save & Add New. Clicking Save & Add New will save the account just created and opens up a new window to let you add another account.



Please note

  • System Accounts are Default Company Accounts and can neither be edited or deleted.
  • All fields are mandatory except Description field.
  • Each Chart of Account will have a unique code per Account Type.
  • Once an account is used in a transaction, it's locked. It can be edited but cannot be deleted from the system.



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