Add a New User

A User will be the person who, once accepts the invitation, would be able to access your SlickPie account. Adding a user and giving them the required information about your account, can help you run your business efficiently and in turn, can save time.


There are 2 types of users:

  • Standard where the user has read-only access to the data. He cannot create, edit or delete any information.
  • Advisor where the user has full access to the account as the account holder.



To add a user to your account:


1. Go to Company.




2. Select Users.




 3. Click Invite User.




4. Enter First Name and Last Name. First Name is mandatory.


5. Enter an Email Address.


6. Select the Position


7. Click Send Invitation.




8. A success message will appear.




The user will receive an invitation email and once the invitation is accepted or rejected, the status is updated in the Users list.




Once the user you have invited is active, he will have the access to your SlickPie account and be able to use it as per the position you selected.




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