Add a New Tax

While setting up your company in SlickPie, some taxes are automatically added to the account as soon as you select and save the province/ state and country. If you need to add a new Tax, few simple steps will help you set up tax in no time.


1. Go to Accounts and select Tax Setup.




2. To add a new tax, click Add New.




3. Enter the information needed to add a new tax.


4. Once the needed information is in, click Save or Save & Add New if you want to add more taxes.







Recoverable Tax

In SlickPie, a tax is set up as Non-Recoverable by default. If you have a recoverable tax, select Recoverable.


Please visit Recoverable & Non-Recoverable Tax for more information.





Compound Tax

If you need to apply Compound Tax, please select Compound when adding a new tax.





Please visit Compound Tax for more information.



Please note

  • Yellow colored fields are required fields and cannot be left blank.
  • Once a particular tax is applied in a transaction, it can neither be edited nor can be deleted.



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