Adding Inventory

Inventory is a list of products/ services you are buying and selling. You can add the complete list along with their purchase and sale price. To add the inventory list, you can:


1. Import the list

2. Manually add the list




Import the Inventory List

If you have an existing list of all your products or services, you can import it in SlickPie. You can import only Windows Comma Separated (.csv) file.


Please note If you are on Mac and using Excel, edit your CSV to Windows Comma Separated (.csv) option.


1. Go to Inventory.




2. Click Import.




3. Click Upload Your File. Only .csv format accepted.

Please note Download Sample File first to match the headers to avoid any errors.




4. Once the file is selected, Click Next.




5. Next Match the Headers of your file with the ones in SlickPie.

Please note You have to match the headers in the csv file to be able to import inventory successfully into SlickPie. Files can't be imported till the headers are matched as shown in the sample file.


6. Once the headers are matched, click Next.




7. Once the headers are matched, click Import.

Please note You can add or edit the fields in this section.





8. Once imported successfully, you will see the success message and will be directed to the Inventory list.






Add the Inventory Manually

Follow the following steps to add the items to the list:



1. Click Inventory.




2. Click Add New.




3. Select Inventory Type. Choose from:

  • Buy - Products/ Services that you only purchase.
  • Sell - Products/ Services that you only sell.
  • Both - Products/ Services that you purchase and sell.

 Please note the information requested will change according to Inventory Type.


5. Enter Product/ Service Code.

6. Enter Product/ Service Name.

7. Add Description, if any.

8. Enter Sale/ Purchase Unit Price.

9. Select Sales/ Purchase Account.

10. Select Sales/ Purchase Tax.

11. Click Save or click Save & Add New if adding more to the list.




Please note Product/ Service Code cannot be changed once saved.




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