Add a New Customer

There are two ways to add customers to the account:

  1. By importing a list of customers
  2. By manually creating the list of customers



Importing Customer List

If you already have a list of customers, then you can import it to SlickPie account. You need CSV or excel file to import the list. To import the contacts from CSV file the minimum required fields are:

  1. Contact Type
  2. Contact Name
  3. Email Address


Please note If you are on Mac and using Excel to edit your CSV, please use 'Windows Comma Separated'  (.csv) option.



1. Click People.


2. Click Customers.




3. Click Import.




4. On Upload File, select the file to be imported.



5. Once the file is selected, click Next.






6. Next Match the Headers.

Please note You have to match the headers in CSV file to be able to import the data successfully into SlickPie. Data can't be imported till the headers are matched as shown in the sample file.


7. Once the headers are matched, click Next.





8. In the last step, you can verify or edit the data imported. Once the information is verified, click Import.





9. As soon as the data is imported, you will get a success message.

Please note if there's any error in downloading the file or a specific contact, it will be specified.



10. You will be able to view the imported list under Customers.





Manually Create List of Customers

If you are a business with no existing data, then you have to add each contact manually.



1. Go to People and click Customers.




2. Click Add New Customer.




3. Enter as much as details as you need of your customer in:

  • Basic Information: Type, Customer Name and Email Address are mandatory fields.
  • Address: Information entered here will appear on the invoice.
  • Contact Details: All fields are optional.
  • Tax: All fields are optional.
  • Invoice Settings: Information entered here will personalize the invoice as per customer. Data entered here will affect the due date, invoice design as chosen for the customer in this section.




4. Once the information is in, Click Save.



Please note If you do not have a contact in the list while creating a transaction, you can add it on the fly. That is you type the name in the field and it will be automatically saved. You can make the desired changes as and when needed in People.



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