Enable Online Payment Option to Invoice

To get paid on time and have a better cash flow, widen the payment options for your customers from just accepting cash or check. It has been proven that an electronic payment option helps a business get paid faster and on time, thus increasing the cash flow. Keeping this in mind, SlickPie offers online payment option to its users.


If you have a PayPal or Stripe account, selecting Enable Online Payment option will let your customer pay directly through the received invoice. Once the payment is made through the link sent in an invoice, the invoice balance and the status gets updated immediately both on your customer's side and in your system. To make it easy to understand, this article has 4 sections:


  1. Enabling PayPal
  2. Enabling Auto Return in PayPal
  3. Enabling Stripe
  4. Enabling Both



Enabling PayPal as Payment Option


1. Go to Transactions and select Invoices.




2. Click Add New.




3. Select Enable Online Payment.


4. Select PayPal and enter PayPal email address.




5. Enter all the information to create a new invoice. For more detail information on how to create a new invoice, visit Add a New Invoice.


6. Once the invoice is emailed to your customer, he will have a link to pay through.

Please note Your customer doesn't need a PayPal account to make the payment. They can make payment with a credit card.




Once the customer makes the payment, you will receive the funds in your PayPal account. Both you and your customer will receive an email notification about the payment made and payment received.




Enabling Auto Return in PayPal


Once you have received the payment from your customer, you can either update your SlickPie account manually or make it less time consuming by using the Auto Return option in PayPal.


Auto Return feature will update the status and balance of the paid invoice in your SlickPie account automatically. To enable the Auto Return in PayPal:


1. Log In to your PayPal account.


2. Click Profile


3. Click Profile and settings.





4. Select My Selling Tools.




5. Click Update under Website Preferences.





6. You will be directed to Website Payment Preferences.


7. Check 'On' for Auto Return for Website Payments.


8. Input '' for Return URL.

Please note The URL should be your website's address.




9. Go to Payment Data Transfer and check 'On'.


10. Copy the Identity Token.

Please note you will need this token to enable online payment for an invoice.





11. Once done, click Save at the end of the page.



12. Go to your SlickPie account and select the PayPal account (which is activated for online payment) in Bank Accounts.


13. Click Edit.




14. Go to PDT Token and add the Identity Token you copied from the PayPal account.


15. Click Update.




Once Auto Return is enabled it will update the invoice status both on customer's account and in your SlickPie account.


Please note if you wish NOT to enable Auto Return feature, your customer will have to click on Return to Merchant Website link to update the invoice status. If they won't click the link, the invoice does not get updated.





Enabling Stripe as Payment Option


1. Follow Steps 1 - 3 as mentioned in PayPal as Payment Option.


2. Select Stripe. If you have only one Stripe account, it will be entered automatically but if you have more than 1 Stripe account, select one here.


Please note if Stripe account is not connected, then you have to Connect it first before sending out the email. If it's not connected, your customer won't be able to pay online. Please check Add Stripe to see how to connect/ link to SlickPie.




3. Enter all the information to create a new invoice. For more detail information on how to create a new invoice, visit Add New Invoice.


4. Once the invoice is emailed to your customer, he will have a link to pay through.




Once the customer makes the payment using Stripe, you will receive the funds in your Stripe account and the invoice and your SlickPie account get updated.





Enabling Both, PayPal and Stripe


Please note If you have both PayPal and Stripe accounts and want to give both the options to your customers, you can do so too. Simply select both the options. Once both options are open, your customer will see both the options on the invoice. The customer can choose either of the two.




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