Get Bank Feeds through Link Bank

Bank Feeds is a secure and reliable feature where you can directly connect your SlickPie account to your bank account and download the transactions. Once this option is activated, instead of entering the transactions manually one by one, it automatically downloads the transactions occurring in the bank account to your SlickPie account thus saving your time.


Bank Feeds are available only to the list of financial institutions available in SlickPie. For a financial institution that's not on the list, you can import the bank statements manually. Check out Importing the Bank Statements for step by step process to download the statement manually.



Link a Bank Account

This option is for linking and getting feeds for a bank account or a credit card only. For PayPal, visit Linking PayPal Account and for Stripe, visit Linking Stripe Account for more information. 



1. Go to Accounts and click Bank Accounts.




2. Select the Bank Account you are enabling the feed service.


3. Click Link Bank.





4. A pop window, Link Accounts, will appear. Fill in the required information.

Please note Log In information requested here will be the same as your online banking.


5. Enter User Name/ Access Card (for Bank Account) or Online ID (for Credit Card).


6. Enter and then Re-enter Password.


7. Click Submit.




8. You will see the list of all the accounts linked to the Access Card or Online ID. Click All Done.




9. Select the account you want to link and enabling the feeds for.


10. Click Submit.






Please note

  • If a bank requires an MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), a screen will appear with security questions. The security questions and type of MFA depends on upon your financial institution.
  • It may take few minutes to connect to the bank. Please DO NOT refresh or leave the page.
  • If you do not have an online account and want to create one, you can do so by clicking the highlighted section as shown in the picture above.





Download Transactions


1. As soon the bank is linked, Get Feeds button is activated.


2. Click Get Feeds.





3. A popup screen will appear to download the transactions. Select the date range and click Submit.





4. Once the transactions are downloaded, a Success Message will appear.




5. As soon as the transactions are downloaded, you will be directed to the detailed page of Bank Statements showing the list of recently downloaded transactions.





6. Once the link is established successfully and the transactions are successfully downloaded, Statement Balance will show the current bank balance.






Other Features



Click Edit to update or make changes to your bank details.


Get Feeds

Click Get Feeds to download latest bank transactions.



Anytime there's a change to your bank account information, click Update to keep the account updated.



Any time you decide not to get the feeds, click Unlink. It will disconnect the connection with your bank account and the transactions will not be downloaded automatically. To get the feeds automatically, you have to link your account again to the online banking.





Please note Most banks allow downloading transactions for previous 1-3 months only. To get the accurate account balance, make sure you have entered a correct closing balance of your bank account as an Opening Balance in SlickPie.



Bank Reconciliation

Once the statement is downloaded, you can reconcile the transactions entered in SlickPie to the ones downloaded through Bank Feed. Please learn how to reconcile the records at Bank Reconciliation.



Countries supporting the bank feeds

Bank feeds are not available in all the countries and for all the banks. Please check List of Countries supporting bank feeds. While adding the bank, if the bank name appears in the list, you can link it and be able to download the transactions. If the bank name is not on the list you can still add the bank name and import the bank statements.


Please note, the list gets updated as new banks are added regularly.




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