Quick Invoicing in Initial Setup

If you want to start with invoicing prior to adding in all the details to the account, follow the steps as mentioned below.



Initial Setup


1. Once you have successfully signed up a SlickPie account, select Add Your Company.




2. Add in a Display Name. Display Name is as it will show up on the dashboard. It's useful especially when you have added more than one company to your account.


3. Add in the Legal Name, if different from Display Name.


4. Select the Country and State from where the business is located.


5. Enter a valid Email Address. It could be the same as you have used to sign up with SlickPie or could be the one which is used for business only.


6. Choose the Financial Year. It is set to January of the current year by default.


7. Click Save.




Create an Invoice


After entering company details, on the next screen, select Quick Invoicing.




You are prompted to the next screen to Create a New Invoice. Here you can create an invoice for your customer. For general guidance on how to add a new invoice, you can select Start Tour.




You will have to add the following information in different fields to invoice a customer:

  • Customer Name
  • Product/ Service
  • Account (Chart of Account)
  • Tax


You can do so by using Add New feature in all the required fields.




Step 1: Add a Customer Name. Click the search icon and then click Add New in the drop down to add a customer's details.




A pop-up window, Add a New Customer, will appear where you add your customer's Name and Email Address.

Please note Customer Name could be a business name too.


Click Done.




Step 2: Invoice Number is auto-generated but if you need to change it to something else, you can do it here.


Step 3: Date is the invoice date which is set to the current date but can be edited.


Step 4: Select the Due Date. It is set to the same date as Invoice Date with the option to change it.


Step 5: Theme ID is set to Basic Invoice by default. We do recommend you to set up the invoice design before sending it to your customer. To change the design or to add a new one check Invoice Format to learn in detail.


Step 6: Tax is set to Tax Exclusive which can be changed to the other options if need be.




Step 7: Add a new Product/ Service the same way as you have added a new customer, by clicking Add New in drop down.




Step 8: A new pop-up window, Add a New Product/ Service, will appear. Fill in Name, Code, and Price.


Click Done.




Step 9: Enter the Quantity/ Hours.


Step 10: Enter the Price, if not done while adding new product/ service as mentioned above.


Step 11: Enter Discount (in percentage), if offering any.


Step 12: Add a new Account (Chart of Account) by clicking Add New in drop down. All fields are mandatory when adding a new chart of account.


Click Done.




Step 13: Once all done, your invoice is ready. You can save it as a Draft or Approve it. To send it to your customer, click Approve & Send.


Please note

  • To change the Invoice Design before sending it to your customer, save the invoice created as a Draft or Approve it. Once you have set up the invoice format, click Send or Approve & Send.




  • You can offer a discount either per line item or overall invoice.




Let's learn how to create an invoice after setting up the account completely.


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