Reimbursing an Expense

Reimbursement is an expense paid by yourself or your employee from his pocket on behalf of you for either your company or your customer. To learn how to create a reimbursable expense, check Create a Reimbursable Expense. Once a reimbursable expense is added and approved, you can go ahead and make the payment. To make the entry, you need to take the following steps:


Direct Payment


1. Go to Transactions and click Reimbursements.




2. Select the Expense that's approved and is to be reimbursed.


3. Below the Receipt Details and under Make Payment, confirm the Amount Paid.

Please note Amount Paid is set to Balance Due by default. If the amount paid is different, you can edit it here.


4. Select the Date Paid.


5. Select the bank account from which it was paid in Paid From.


6. Enter the Reference, if any.


7. Click Done. Once you click done, it will mark the reimbursable expense as paid and the details will be updated.





Payment by Check


If a payment is made through a checking account, an option Pay By Check will display.


1. Select Pay by Check checkbox.


2. A pop window, Check Details, will appear.


3. Add your employee's name in Pay To.


4. Enter the Check Number.


5. Add Memo.


6. Click Done. Once you click Done, it will update the details with the payment just made.




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