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SlickPie offers you various features for your everyday accounting needs. This article will give you an overview of all the main features. To get more of an idea how these features work before you start using it for your own company, you can test it using Demo Company.




The dashboard gives you an organized summary of the overall financial status of your company. It consolidates all the finances at one place and gives you the details of all the profits, losses, due and overdue payments, bank status and much more. Dashboard gets updated as soon as an activity happens in your account.




This section contains the list of all your contacts whether Customers, Vendors or Employees. You can add and edit any of the contacts as and when you need. Selecting a particular contact will give you their contact details along with invoices, bills or memos, and any dues. Simply click the contact name and access all the information you are looking for and take any necessary action.


Get detailed description on how to add a contact at People.




This section helps you organize all the transactions related to your contacts. You can create and keep a record of all the invoices going out to your customers, bills you have to pay, create and use memos. This section has the following options: Invoices, Bills, Debit Memo, Credit Memo, Opening Balance, and Journal Voucher.


To get more detailed information on how to use the different features in this section, check out Transactions.




This section gives you the access to Bank Accounts, Chart of Accounts (COA) and Taxes. You can add the information on the go or can make any changes to it as and when needed.


Get more detailed information on how to use the various features in this section at Accounts.




In this section, you add all the products and services your purchase and sell. You can create the list, edit or delete as the need be.


You can get a more detailed description of how to use this feature at Inventory.




Here you can access a detailed list all kinds of reports related to your company's finances. Depending on what you are looking for, you can select the time frame to get the details. This section contains the following reports: Aged Payable, Aged Receivable, Balance Sheet, General Ledger, Trial Balance, Account Summary, Account Transactions, Customer Invoice, Vendor Invoice, Journal Report, Profit & Loss and Sales Tax Report.


You can get a more detailed description about Reports and how to use this section at Reports.




This is the section where you set up and manage the basic information about your company which is needed when you start using SlickPie account. The section includes Company Setup, Financial Settings, Users, Default Settings, Invoice Format, Opening Balance and Payment Reminders.


Visit Company Setup to learn about each feature and how it works.




Additional Features

In the top right corner, there are some additional features for your help. User Settings, Support, Notifications, Quick Action, and Settings.


Learn more about these features at SlickPie Conventions.



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