Recording Cash Payments

You can record any cash sales and purchases in SlickPie. Select the bank account where the transaction needs to be added.



Record Income

Enter any and all cash income you have under Record Income.


  • Go to Cash in Hand bank account.


  • Click Manage.


  • Select Record Income.





  • Click Add New.




  • Select customer's name under From whom you received the cash from.


  • Select Date you received the cash.


  • Put down Reference if any.


  • Enter all the details as needed in Items for Record Income.


  • Once the information is in, click Save.





Record Expense

Enter any and all the expenses or purchases under Record Expense made through cash.


Simply follow all the steps as mentioned above in Record Income but instead of choosing Record Income under Manage Account, select Record Expenses.





Transfer Funds

If you have deposited cash to another bank account, you need to record it under Transfer Funds.


  • Go to Cash in Hand bank account.


  • Click Manage.


  • Select Transfer Funds.





  • Click Transfer Funds.





  • Select the Bank Account it was deposited to.


  • Select the Date cash was deposited on.


  • Enter the Amount deposited.


  • Add Reference if any.


  • Once all the information is entered, click Done.




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