Create a Reimbursable Expense

Reimbursable Expense is an expense paid by either you or your employee from the pocket on behalf of your company or for your client and will be reimbursed.


In this article, we will discuss how to enter an expense paid by your employee for your company. To record an expense paid by your employee for your client, visit Create a Billable Reimbursable Expense



Adding a Reimbursable Expense


1. Go to Transactions and click Reimbursements.




2. Click Add New.




3. Enter your employee's name in Expense From. If you don't see the name or haven't added your employee yet, click Add New in the drop down menu.


4. Enter the Expense Number. This is an optional field and can be left blank.

Please note An Expense Number will keep your records organized and easy to track.


5. Select the Date when the expense occurred (as on the transaction receipt submitted).


6. Enter Reference if any.


7. Enter the Description of the expense.


8. Enter Quantity/ Hours.


9. Enter the Price/ Rate.


10. Select the Account (Chart of Account).


11. Specify the Tax, if any.


12. Click Approve if all is good. You can save the receipt as a Draft if something needs to be verified.


For instance

Paula's employee Salina delivered a box of pastries to one of her customers as she was unable to do it herself. Once delivered, she handed Paula fare receipt for the taxi which she paid from her own pocket. Since it's a business expense and Paula has to reimburse her, she entered it under it Reimbursements.





Adding an Attachment

You can attach a copy of the actual expense receipt to the Reimbursable Expense just created.


1. Click attachment icon (clearly marked in the picture above).




2. A new pop-up window, Attachments, will appear.


3. Click Choose File.


4. Click the Red X icon in the corner to save the attachment and to close the window.




5. Once the receipt is attached, the attachment icon will display the number of receipts attached.


Once the Reimbursable Expense is approved, it's ready to be paid. To learn how to enter/ add the payment, check Reimbursing an expense


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