Getting Started

Once you have successfully signed up with SlickPie, you can either select Advanced Settings to quickly set up your account or simply choose Quick Invoicing to create invoices for your customers without adding details to the account. Whether this is the first time you are using online accounting software or moving from an existing one, either way, there are few sections that should be filled out properly for a smooth workflow.


Please note The steps mentioned here is general help about setting up a SlickPie account. We do recommend you to consult your accountant or bookkeeper before entering any numbers.


Step 1 Enter details in Company Setup


Company Setup

In this section, enter all your company details. Visit Company Information to learn what and how to enter the details.


Financial Settings

Enter the financial details of your company here. If there's anything you are not sure about, please check with your accountant. Visit Financial Settings to see how to enter the details.


Invoice Formats

Create a design for your invoice in this section. Learn more at Invoice Format.



Step 2 Set up your contact list under People

Import or manually enter the list of your Customers, Vendors and Employees here. Visit Add People/ Contact to learn how to add contacts your account.



Step 3 Set up Accounts

Bank Accounts

Add the banks involved in your business transactions. Visit Accounts to learn how to add bank accounts and related features.


Chart of Accounts

Add the list of Chart of Accounts used here. If you already have a list of accounts, you can download it or create new or use SlickPie Default Accounts. Learn more about it at Chart of Accounts.


Tax Setup

Various sales taxes applicable in a state are automatically added in this section as you select the State and Country when initially signing up for SlickPie. But if you need to add more, you can do so here. Check Add a New Tax to learn more.



Step 4 Set up the list of products/ services you carry in Inventory

Create a list of products or services you carry. Visit Add an Inventory Item to learn how to create the list.






If you are moving your data from another system to SlickPie, please do visit our section Migrating to SlickPie for detailed help.



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