Refunding/ Deleting a Payment

You can delete/ refund a payment from an invoice or bill by following the simple steps.


1. Go to Transactions and click Invoices or Bills from which the payment is to be deleted from.




2. Select the particular Invoice/ Bill which needs to be refunded.


3. On the detail page, click the Plus (+) icon.





4. Clicking + icon will expand the Payment Detail section. Click Delete icon.




4. Once you click Delete icon, you will see confirmation pop up. Click OK.




5. Once the payment is deleted, the payment will be refunded and you will receive a confirmation message.



6. Once payment is refunded, the invoice/ bill status and balance gets updated.




Please note If you are deleting a Reconciled Payment entry, then the bank statement with this payment entry will get un-reconciled automatically. Please confirm if the payment is reconciled before deleting.




Check if it's Reconciled Payment

To check if the payment you are deleting is reconciled or not, follow the steps as mentioned below.


Step 1: Go to the payment detail (for which you are deleting the entry) and click the text in green.




Step 2: You will be taken to that particular Bank Account Statement.




Step 3: Click Back icon and you will be redirected to the Payment Detail page. Once back, you can go ahead and delete the payment entry.




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