Unreconcile or Delete a Bank Transaction

If you find out a discrepancy or an error in a transaction or more after the Bank Reconciliation is done, you can unreconcile or even delete it. Once you are done with the changes/ corrections, you can reconcile the transaction again. Both Unreconcile and Delete features serve different purposes and are described here in details.



Unreconcile Bank Transaction(s)

If a transaction needs to be corrected for any reason, let's say the date entered is wrong or a transaction was not cleared yet or a transaction was reconciled to a wrong statement or entry, you can Unreconcile the bank transaction. An unreconciled transaction is still visible in the Bank Statement and Bank Reconciliation reports and does not get deleted or moved. Once unreconciled, make the change and reconcile when ready.


Please note Multiple bank transactions can be selected and unreconciled in one click.


To Unreconcile a transaction(s):

1. Go to Accounts and click Bank Accounts.




2. Select the bank account from which the transaction(s)/ bank statement needs to be unreconciled.


3. Go to Manage and click Bank Statements.





4. Select and click the bank statement need to be unreconciled.



5. Select the transaction that has to unreconciled.





Select the check box in top if all the transactions in the downloaded bank statement has to be unreconciled.


6. Click Unreconcile.





Delete Bank Transaction(s)

If there's a duplication or if there's an incorrect entry made, you can delete bank transaction(s) instead of unreconciling. Once deleted the transaction is removed from Bank Statement and Bank Reconciliation but not from Account Statement.


To delete a transaction:

1. Follow the Steps 1-5 as mentioned above.


2. A message will pop up confirming to delete a reconciled transaction.


3. Click Delete.





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