Accounting for Uber, Airbnb and other Sharing Economy

If you are a freelancer or are involved in a sharing economy like Uber, Airbnb, Lyft etc., usually you are treated as a contractor. You are responsible for tracking your income and expenses so that you can pay appropriate taxes to the authorities at the year-end.

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PLEASE NOTE: This article is for general help only. We always recommend checking with your accountant before making any accounting entries.


Recording Income

Let's say you are an Uber driver. Assuming the customer has paid through credit card, Uber paid you $100.00. This is how you are going to record your income from Uber.


Step 1: Add Uber as a Customer.


Step 2: Add Rideshare Service to Inventory.


Step 3: Record Income for the amount received from Uber.


As mentioned above, if you received $100.00 as income, there are 2 ways to enter this income:

  1. Tax Exclusive
  2. Tax Inclusive


Tax Exclusive

If you select Tax Exclusive, then you have to calculate the exact income you earned before tax.






Tax Inclusive

If you select Tax Inclusive, then you simply enter the amount as sent by Uber and calculation is done for you.





Recording Expenses

For any expenses related to this economy, like fuel, telephone expenses, office expenses, stationary etc, can be entered in Record Expense.




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